Gregorius N.Bernardakis 1848-1925

Dr Panagiotis Bernardakis, the Plutarch editor’s grandson, and Professor Dr Heinz Gerd Ingenkamp from Bonn University have decided to publish a new version of Gregorios N Bernardakis’ Plutarch edition. This includes the more recent complete editions of the Moralia, the Teubneriana, the Budé and the Loeb texts. They believe that Bernardakis is superior concerning the decision for textual criticism, i.e. in the choice of versions to be included in the text. This is shown especially by the complete misjudgement of the more recent editors, concerning the Codex Parisinus 1956, D. In an essay for the “Ploutarchos” Professor Ingenkamp has already given his view on this matter. The text can be found on this website. Bernardakis’ personal notes for his planned second edition are of the utmost importance for this new edition with the planned title "Bernardakis II", also mentioned as "Bern.II". In contrast to the previous "editio minor" Bernardakis planned a larger "editio maior" with a more extensive textually critical apparatus as well as Testimonia and Similia apparatus. In a preface to their edition the editors of Bern.II explain in detail the way the provided materials are used.

Bernardo family crest The first, second, third, fourth and fifth volume of G. N. Bernardakis' up to now unpublished editio maior of Plutarch´s Moralia have now been published by the Academy of Athens and are available:


Georg Olms Verlag (please see Flyer for details and ISBN)

In Greece:

Vol. I (ISBN 978-960-404-128-2)
Vol. II (ISBN 978-960-404-142-8)
Vol. III (ISBN 978-960-404-193-0)
Vol. IV (ISBN 978-960-404-231-9)
Vol. V (ISBN 978-960-404-279-1)

"Bookstore of the Academy of Athens", 25-29 Panepistimiou (inside the arcade), GR-10679 Athens

"MIET", 13 Amerikis, GR-10672 Athens

"Eleftheroudakis", 17 Panepistimiou, GR-10564 Athens