Gregorius N.Bernardakis 1848-1925

Malim, Asteriskus und Fragezeichen.

Einige Worte zur Verteidigung und zum Lobe von Gregorios N. Bernardakis.

Heinz Gerd Ingenkamp
Universität Bonn


Immediately after its publication, the edition of Plutarch’s Moralia by Gregorios Bernardakis (1888-1896) was strongly criticized, to say the least, by Wilamowitz, who inaugurated the new Teubner-edition (1925ff.). Bernardakis was attacked by Wilamowitz and Pohlenz, who wrote the preface to the new Teubeneriana, because he chose the Parisinus 1956, D, to be the fundament of his Plutarch.

Bernardo family crest The following article tries to prove that D was a reasonable choice. Four of the proudly presented examples, that Pohlenz hoped would convince the reader of the superiority of the Vulgata-tradition, will hopefully show that D resp. the Bernardakis-edition may have the more Plutarchan text. The article begins with a sceptical description of the expectations Wilamowitz and most of his contemporaries connected with a Lachmann-style recensio.

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